The Compendium

Interest pieces from the intersection of business and technology.

Red Peak: The importance of context and learning from the wine industry

With the announcement of the four shortlisted flag designs to replace New Zealand’s existing flag, growing support for Aaron Dustin’s Red Peak to be reconsidered has gained favour in social channels. Choosing a flag could be predicted to be something to divide opinions, but the support for Red Peak shows the value in getting your message across with the right context. In this sense, lessons can be learnt from wine.

Danni’s Hard Drive: The business behind the breasts

In 1995 Danni Ashe launched Danni’s Hard Drive – an adult website staring herself – from a spare bedroom and $8,000 of her own money. By 2001, Danni’s Hard Drive would be worth $30 million and one of the biggest adult sites on the internet. Ashe would attribute her success to showing up every day, working hard, analysing her problems, and making the best decisions, but behind that simple answer were business decisions that made her an early online entrepreneur.

Digitising ‘Magic: The Gathering’

While video gaming caters for hardcore power gamers, casual light time fillers, and everything in between, card gaming still survives. In some cases, thrives. ‘Magic: The Gathering’ continues to grow in popularity 20 years after being released. In the push into digital, how does a traditional card game business convert.

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