A destination for English language learners

Fluent Scientific’s first product was FluentIQ; a web application that would assess a person’s real life English communication ability. To support the application, we created a site to act, not only as the public facing information for FluentIQ, but as a destination to help English language learners. The tone was intended to be lighthearted and friendly for an audience of young adults working towards university entrance and job opportunities where a certain level of English is required, and to tie in with the style used in the application.

I designed and built the site in a customised WordPress installation which manages all content in the 8 languages that the site is accessible in (including Arabic which reads right-to-left). The site contained a mix of evergreen content as well as a regularly updated “Learn” section to help English language learners. This “Learn” section consisted of a blog of English learning articles (weekly), a video series to help English pronunciation (weekly), and a timeline of bite-sized English tips (3 posts a week). Each Friday, the content published during the week was sent in a newsletter to subscribers.

The weekly video series involved a linguist giving 1-2 minute lessons on producing English speech sounds. The series was shot and edited by myself on a limited budget. The primary home for this series was on YouTube for which I created and maintained the YouTube channel. I also created a testimonial video with an early FluentIQ user. An external company was used to create an animated explainer video with myself recording voice-overs with native speakers of the various languages the site supported and then producing the final video. I also shot any photography that was required.

I worked with an illustrator to create the characters that were used throughout the site. Use of these characters continued into our videos and other marketing material.

Services: Design, build, video
Visit: Discontinued